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When it comes to creative writing, sometimes less can be more. This is especially true for flash fiction. In 1,000 words or less, these condensed works create vivid characters, worlds, stories, sensations and meanings that linger long after reading. No wonder then that it is a popular form of writing at the moment, with dedicated competitions, publications and performances.

Flash fiction is also fun to write. With fewer words, it is easier to experiment, play with new ideas and see where they go. It’s an ideal starting point for beginners, but also a valuable way for experienced writers to hone their skills further. It lends strength to other forms such as longer short stories and poetry, but most of all it improves editing skills as every word, space and punctuation mark counts.

Join this relaxed and welcoming in-person masterclass toget a taste of what flash fiction is and how to write it.

With encouragement, support and guidance we’ll:


-         - discuss and decode some inspiring examples of flash fiction to see what makes them work

-        -  have a go at writing exercises to practise new techniques

-        -  share what we make and discuss ways to keep writing flash fiction

Overall, this course offers a welcoming first step or a reinvigorating new approach to writing tiny texts with big impact.

Choose this masterclass if you want to:


·        learn the basics of how to write well with encouragement, support and guidance

·        make use of writing exercises to come up with new ideas

·        build your confidence by optionally discussing and sharing your writing with classmates and the tutor

·        explore new forms of writing and find courses to nurture your interest in writing in the future

So what are you waiting for? Bring a pen or a device to write with and take the next step in your journey as a writer with more confidence and enjoyment in your craft.