Classical Greek civilisation 1B

Key facts

  • Cost: £260
  • Credits: 20


This course takes students on a journey through the hugely influential cultural world of ancient Greece. Through two key themes – ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Gods and Mortals’ – you will use primary sources to explore the stories that continue to influence us today: the Trojan War, Greek tragedies and comedies, and some of the world’s earliest works of philosophy.  

Who is this course for?

Anyone with an interest in the past or in literature and/or philosophy and/or art – there’s something for everyone! 


You can gain 20 credits from submitting assessment in this course, which can contribute to a Certificate in Higher Education. 

Mode of study

This course is taught in live sessions on zoom. Class materials are posted on our course website (Moodle). 


This course can improve your understanding of own modern western culture. You will be surprised at how many aspects of ancient Greek culture you recognise! 

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