Ancient Greek for beginners

Key facts

  • Cost: £260
  • Credits: 20


This course introduces the wonderfully intricate ancient Greek language and opens up the cultural world of classical Greece through its literary works. You will progress from learning the alphabet and key vocabulary to taking in the details of core grammatical forms which will have you reading simple texts in ancient Greek within just a few weeks.

Who is this course for?

Anyone with an interest in ancient languages and different scripts, particularly those interested in unpicking the origins of tricky words in English! 


You can gain 20 credits from submitting the assessment for this course, which can be used towards a Certificate in Higher Education.  

Mode of study

This course is taught in live sessions online using zoom. All class materials are posted on our course website (Moodle).  


This course challenges students’ problem-solving abilities and improves their general grasp on grammar. It can also do wonders for your vocabulary since so many of our own words go back to Greek roots.  

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