Egypt's origins: Life and death in the Predynastic Period

N.B. This course is delivered asynchronously, i.e. the class materials are provided on Moodle (our online learning platform) to allow self-paced learning, with no live online sessions. The cultural landscape of Egypt in the Predynastic Period (from c. 5500-3100 BCE) had a character very different from the Egypt of the pharaohs that followed. Predynastic Egypt was characterised both in everyday life and in preparations for death by idiosyncrasy at the local level, which developed within a cultural framework which put local polities at the heart of international trading networks stretching across the ancient Near East. Agriculture, writing and kingship were all ‘born’ in this time. We will explore their origins and the catalysts behind their evolution, paying particular attention to the important cities of the Delta and the south, especially Hierakonpolis and Abydos.

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