Gods, generals and kings: Egypt in the Third Intermediate Period (online)

N.B. This course is delivered asynchronously, i.e. the class materials are provided on Moodle (our online learning platform) to allow self-paced learning, with no live online sessions. The Third Intermediate Period in ancient Egypt (c.1075-715 BCE) is typically brushed over as a time of confused chronologies, significant transition and decline, especially after the prosperity and military successes of the New Kingdom. But the crises Egypt faced sparked fascinating religious, social and cultural changes, and drastically re-shaped Egypt’s relationship both with the neighbouring Libyans and Nubians, as well as with powers in the Near East. By considering a range of surviving archaeological and textual evidence, we will explore this turbulent and misunderstood era and consider in detail the ways in which Egypt was forced to change during it.

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