Taster Masterclass #2: Out of Character – finding the kick of life in fiction writing (Face-to-Face)

The Artful Dodger, Miss Jean Brodie, Sherlock Holmes. Whatmakes some fictional characters so vivid that they persist beyond the page? Howdo writers craft characters that connect with us so deeply? Where do they find theirinspiration and how do they condense that life force into words?

Whether you are new or an experienced writer of fiction,join this special in-person taster masterclass to delve deeper into the art ofcreating compelling and convincing characters.

Our expert tutor will guide you through the essentials ofcrafting fictional characters, such as:

·        what makes inspiringfictional characters come to life

·        how can we find or imaginenew characters

·        what are the psychological dynamicsbehind a compelling character

·        how can writers convey thisthrough literary technique such as descriptive detail, body language, dialogue,narrative perspective and interior monologue.

·        How do writers create character-drivenstories.


Choose this masterclass if you want to learn:

·        how to write fictional characterswell with encouragement, support and guidance

·        how to use writingexercises to develop and build new ideas

·        how to build yourconfidence by discussing and sharing your ideas with classmates and the tutor

·        What kind of fiction writingcourses are available to nurture your interest further


So what are you waiting for? Bring a pen or adevice to write with and get started on creating characters with the kick oflife.

Key facts

  • Cost: £40
  • Credits: 0