British Sign Language Unit 4 Conversation Class

If you have completed 60 learning hours in British Sign Language, this course will allow you to practise and develop your basic communication skills, using a wider variety of signs to exchange information on a range of everyday situations. As well as revising some previously covered signs, the mainly practical nature of the course will help you develop your fingerspelling accuracy and your confidence in the use of other elements of British Sign Language, such as hand shapes, location and orientation, placement, signing space and facial expressions.

Important information on online learning

British Sign Language classes are delivered online using Zoom. Here is some information on how they are structured:

Each session is two hours long and they take place on the same day and time every week via Zoom.

Language classes are interactive and collaborative, with plenty of exposure to the language and many opportunities to practise and learn with your peers. 

Class numbers are limited to 16 per class for a better online experience. See technical requirements below to make the most of your time online:

Further info

Key facts

  • Cost: £140
  • Credits: 5