History of Art

Have you ever wondered why paintings, sculptures, buildings, and works of design look the way they do? This course focuses on the key skills and ideas essential to the study of the History of Art, such as formal and contextual analysis, by studying paintings, sculptures, buildings and objects by well-known and less well-known artists. Designed to critically engage with the aesthetic and cultural conditions that laid the foundations of Western European art, this course will begin with the early Gothic period and conclude with Post Impressionism. By the end of the course, you should be able to analyse images from a formal perspective, recognise and describe the main areas studied, and analyse art within its historical context, its iconography, and social trends. As well as gaining knowledge of the fundamentals of the History of Art you will gain skills useful in studying within any Arts or Social Science subject at university Level 1

Key facts

  • Cost: £290
  • Credits: 20