Registration and Enrolment

New Students - registration

The latest information about registration for NEW students can be found on the Registry pages.

Please check regularly for the most up to date information.



New First Year students arriving in September for the BVMS Programme will be sent details of their working groups and enrolment details in advance of Induction week so that they can complete enrolment on to the various modules for the lst year programme.

Continuing Students

Students entering 2nd - 4th year of the BVMS Programme will be sent information in advance of enrolment, allocating them to a working group, and they should follow the enrolment procedures accessible from the Registry web link to enable them to enrol on the courses required for their respective years.

Final Year enrolment for the BVMS Programme will be undertaken by the Undergraduate School.

It is imperative that you complete Academic and Financial Registration as soon as possible.  Until you have completed at least Academic Registration you will not be able to enrol on the required courses.

If you experience any difficulties the contact details for BVMS are as follows:

If you have any queries regarding registration and/or enrolment for BSc/MSci Veterinary Biosciences, please contact: