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How to Apply

OTI sends out a call for applications to all Politics students enrolled at the University of Glasgow via email as well as on social media. An open session is held in March to provide information on the course and field trip and to answer questions. Application deadlines are at the end of May.


The OTI Network

The University of Glasgow is one of seven universities that currently run OTI programmes and is the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom. OTI offers students, university faculty and professionals opportunities to get involved and join our ever-expanding network. 


Support Us

OTI is a not-for-profit organisation and relies on the support of likeminded individuals and organisations. 

The programme is currently generously supported by the Pears Foundation:

‘It has been our pleasure to partner with the University of Glasgow to help bring OTI to the UK. Sir Trevor Pears’ and my visits to the University of Glasgow to meet with the returning participants have become one of our annual highlights. Every year we encounter thoughtful, questioning students and teachers who are determined to take forward what they have learned within their campus, at home and in their future careers and we are proud to play a part in their journeys.’

Director Amy Braier, Pears Foundation

It is also supported by the University of Glasgow Chancellor’s Fund, the School of Social and Political Sciences, as well as through student fundraising and contributions.

If you would like to learn more, contribute towards our work, or partner with OTI, please contact us via email, follow us on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and visit the OTI website.‌

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