Information for Tier 4 visa holders

The University is required by the Home Office to monitor your attendance across the academic year. In addition to the scheduled Registry contact points, the School of Social and Political Sciences will undertake periodic monitoring of attendance at lectures, seminars, tutorials, supervision sessions and dissertation submission. The University acts as sponsor for your Tier 4 visa and needs to be able to show that you are in Glasgow and engaged in your studies.

Info for all students

Vacation periods

There are two vacation periods when you may be absent from the University without permission providing you have no examinations and have completed and submitted all assessments that are due.

  • Christmas Vacation: Monday 23 December 2019 – Friday 10 January 2020
  • Spring Vacation: Monday 30 March – Friday 17 April 2020

Vacation periods for students on two year Erasmus Mundus programmes differ so students should check with their programme administrator regarding the specific vacation periods for their programme.

If you wish to leave the University prior to these dates or will not return on or before the end of the vacation periods, the Student Absence Policy applies and you must submit an absence report via MyCampus.

Additional info for postgraduate students