Miss Carli Rowell

  • Research Fellow (School of Social & Political Sciences)


Carli is a sociologist, feminist and ethnographer passionate about social justice and social inequalities on global, national and local level. Much of her work grapples with issues pertaining to contemporary social, spatial and geopolitical (im)mobilities particularly in relation to educational (in)equalities and their intersections with class/caste, gender and ethnicity. She is currently a GCRF ESRC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow working in the 7 million pound funded GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods. An interdisciplinary, multi-country, multi-continental research consortium conducting comparative research of rapid urbanisation and its effect upon sustainable, healthy learning cities across Africa and Asia.

Carli has conducted research, taught and has been a visiting scholar in both the Southern (South Africa 2017; Tanzania 2016; India 2015; and Ghana 2013) and Northern (America 2017; Canada 2015; and China 2014) hemisphere. Prior to Glasgow Carli held positions at the University of Sussex and the University of Warwick. Her ESRC PhD (Warwick) was an ethnography of working-class students at an elite university, the pleasures, pains and possibilities. She was exaimined by Dr Maria do Mar Pereira and Professor Diane Reay. She is passionate about the sociological imagination, creative and participatory research methods, feminist research and teaching and inclusivity within academia. 

Carli currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association (UK & Ireland), as a co-convenor of the British Sociological Associations Early Career Forum and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


  • Rhona Brown, PhD - Supportive learning environments in urban Tanzanian schools





  • Equity, Social Justice & Change
  • Higher Education as a Field of Research, Policy & Practice
  • MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity (Dissertation supervisor)

Additional information

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