Urban Big Data Centre

The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) is a research resource promoting the use of innovative methods and complex urban data to address global city challenges.

Funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, the UBDC is a unique facility that brings together the expertise of urban social scientists, data scientists and statisticians from the University of Glasgow and six partner universities of Edinburgh, Bristol, Cambridge, Reading, Sheffield and Illinois-Chicago. We support policy makers, businesses, third sector organisations and everyday citizens to harness the potential of big data to develop solutions for environmentally sustainable, economically resilient and socially just cities.

Our team consists of a core staff of six administrators, 45 academic researchers and a full-time staff of five IT and scientific computing officers. Our academic researchers are undertaking innovative research projects, covering methodology such as big data management and urban indicators for policy-making, as well as a range of urban topics such as housing, transportation, migration and more.

The work of the UBDC also focuses on methods and technologies to manage, link and analyse massive amounts of multi-sectoral urban big data, including the IT infrastructure for open and confidential data systems, which will allow users from diverse backgrounds access to our data for their own research and analyses. Additionally, the UBDC provides a range of services and products to maximise impact and help external organisations make sound data-driven decisions. These include training sessions and toolkits, as well as public events such as workshops and seminars.