Research groups

Research groups

Governance, Place and Space

We are interested in how people experience and understand place and space in cities and other urban areas. We study who and what drives urban change, looking especially at the relative balance between governments, communities and the private sector in shaping the future of urban areas. While much of our research is focused on current and recent urban development, we also value the importance of historical study in understanding the forces shaping contemporary cities. Our work has a strong international flavour, with research undertaken in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, as well as in the UK.

City, Housing and Economic Systems

Bringing together researchers exploring topics clustered around five core themes:

  • Housing Systems, Markets and Finance
  • Land and Commercial Real Estate
  • Economics of Urban Social Problems
  • Urban Big Data

Neighbourhoods, Welfare and Wellbeing

This research group focuses on social and spatial inequalities and how these shape residential contexts as well as individual and collective outcomes. The group brings together researchers whose primary interest is in the character, dynamics and effects of urban neighbourhoods with those whose research centres on the nature, processes and outcomes of changing aspects of welfare state provision. The group provides a stimulating forum for the development of research themes which integrate scholarship across urban and social policy, demand cutting edge qualitiative and quantitative methodological approaches and capitalise on emerging forms of administrative and ‘big’ data.