Stephen Trotter

Research title

Leavening Society - Religious institutions' role in integrating migrants in Norway

Research summary

Research Interests

Migration, Integration, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Norway


Trotter, Stephen (2015). Breaking the Law of Jante in eSharp, issue 23 [Online]


  • Panel facilitator: Critical Migration and Border Studies conference at University of Edinburgh 9-10th January 2015 – “Teaching/Learning about or in the context of migration”
  • Presented paper: University of Glasgow PhD Conference 23-24th January 2015 – “Translating Cultural Concepts Through Theory”
  • Presented paper: 12th Annual IMISCOE Conference 25th-27th June 2015 – “Brigades and Churches: Alternatives to Ethnic Mobilisation”
  • Presented Paper: 18th Nordic Migration Conference 11th-12th August 2016 – “Dancing with Nuns: A Minority Religion in Northern Norway”

Additional information


Born and raised in Oslo (Norway), but moved to Glasgow for my undergraduate degree. Graduated with honours in Sociology and Politics. Stayed at the University of Glasgow to complete a Masters of Research in Sociology and Research Methods.

  • Student Fellow at the Royal Anthropological Institute
  • Student Member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists
  • Member of the Norwegian Anthropological Society