Scarlet Harris


Research title: Islamophobia, racism and anti-racist resistance in two British cities

Research Summary

Research Summary

My doctoral research considers organised responses to Islamophobia in the two cities of Manchester and Glasgow. Through qualitative interviews with anti-racist activists, as well as individuals working in various community organisations, the research explores how those engaging with Islamophobia as a social problem understand its relationship to racism, and how such understandings impact on strategies for resistance.

Crucially, the research attempts to situate current resistance to Islamophobia historically, exploring whether participants draw on local histories of anti-racist resistance to inform their current understandings and practices, and whether and how notions of ‘Scottishness’ and ‘Britishness’ circumscribe this. In doing so, the research connects discussions of Islamophobia and anti-racist organising. Furthermore, it extends them beyond England and into Scotland, where research on both Islamophobia and anti-racist resistance has been theoretically narrow and generally much more limited.

Research Interests 

  • ‘Race’ and racialisation
  • Racism and Islamophobia
  • Anti-racism
  • Nationalism 

PhD Title  

Islamophobia, racism and anti-racist resistance in two British cities

Sponsor / Funder

ESRC 1 + 3




Harries, B., Harris, S., Hall, N. and Cotterell, N. (2019) Older BAME people's experiences of health and social care in Greater Manchester: lessons for practice and policy [online]. 


Harris, S. (2018) Muslims in Scotland: integrationism, state racism and the ‘Scottish dream’. Race & Class, 60(2), pp. 114–119. Available at:

Harris, S. (2017) Beyond collective violence: capturing context and complexity in Palestinian diasporic resistance. Critical Sociology, 43(6), pp. 933-948.  Open access:


Tutor, Sociology 2A (undergraduate course) 2017

Tutor, Sociology 2B (undergraduate course) 2018

Additional Information

I completed my MA (hons) in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2014. I later went on to complete an MRes in Sociology and Research Methods (with distinction) at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 2016.