Robin Ireland

Twitter: @robinHEG

Research title: Commercial determinants of health in sport

Research Summary

Commercial determinants of health in sport.

 A mixed-methods study to assess, through the particular case of the English Premier League (EPL), the commercial determinants of health thesis in relation to sport. 


Robin Ireland, Christopher Bunn, Gerda Reith, Matthew Philpott, Simon Capewell, Emma Boyland & Stephanie Chambers. Commercial determinants of health: advertising of alcohol and unhealthy foods during sporting events. Bulletin of the World Health Organization. Volume 97, Number 4, April 2019, 245-308.

 Robin Ireland, Stephanie Chambers and Christopher Bunn. Exploring the relationship between Big Food corporations and professional sports clubs: a scoping review. Public Health Nutrition. 2019.

 Christopher Bunn, Robin Ireland, Jonathan Minton, Daniel Holman, Matthew Philpott & Stephanie Chambers. Shirt sponsorship by gambling companies in the English and Scottish Premier Leagues: global reach and public health concerns. Soccer and Society. 2018. 

Robin Ireland and John R Ashton. Happy corporate holidays from Coca-Cola. British Medical Journal. 2017.

 Robin Ireland and Francine Watkins. Football fans and food: a case study of a football club in the English Premier League. Public Health Nutrition 13, no. 5. 2010:682-687.

Additional Information

Over 30 years’ experience in public health and health promotion working in the academic, public, private and charitable sectors. I was the CEO of Heart of Mersey, a CVD prevention programme in Merseyside between 2002 and 2016.

Director of Research (Honorary), Food Active and Healthy Stadia, 2016-

Master of Public Health (University of Liverpool), 2007.

Honorary Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Liverpool, 2007-

NCD Consultant for WHO (Euro), 2008-2012.

I have served on two NICE Public Advisory Committees (on Cardiovascular Disease, 2008-10 and on Disability, dementia and frailty in later life – mid-life approaches to prevention, 2013-15).

Elected Member of the Faculty of Public Health through Distinction, 2015.