Rami Zaatari


Lilybank House


University of Glasgow


Bute Gardens




G12 8RT






Research title: The Role of the Green Economy in Building Competitiveness and Achieving Sustainable Development in Morocco.

Research Summary

My research contributes to resolving the methodological issue related to developing a customized analysis framework and set of indicators for green economy. I use this measurement framework to analyse the case of Morocco and assess their progress towards green economy. I am also examining the relationship between economic growth and environment in Morocco by building an econometric model with Eviews. My research will incorporate qualitative analysis to complement the empirical work.

Lastly, I plan to develop a road map for gradual transition to build competitive greener economies and to achieve sustainable development in Morocco. 


Economic and Social History 1001 1A

Economic and Social History 1002 1B

Additional Information

I was born in Aleppo/Syria and received a Bachelor of Banking and Finance and a Master of Economics at the University of Aleppo. I completed an MSc in Global Economy at the University of Glasgow.

Since 2008, I have worked with international organisations in the field of competitiveness & development and later in the rebuilding of Syria. 

Currently, I work as an Economic Development Officer at Angus Council and I teach Economic and Social History at the University of Glasgow.