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Research Summary

An exploration of the Life Histories of Woman from an Irish Catholic Background.   

There has been much scholarly interest in researching the Irish Diaspora in Scotland in recent years.  This has been conducted largely by quantitative sociologists who seek to ascertain whether structural disadvantages still impacts on the life-chances of one of Scotland’s largest ethnic groups.  However, to date there has been little in the way of qualitative studies examining the actual experiences of people from an Irish Catholic heritage. And even less looking at this issue from a gendered perspective.  This study addresses this methodological and gendered imbalance by conducting 25 life history interviews with women in Glasgow.  Interviews were conducted using photo-elicitation techniques as it is considered an effective way at gaining insight into participant’s ‘life-worlds’. Also this method is informed by feminist principles which emphasise giving communicative control to those taking part in the research.  Currently in the writing up phase, the PhD will look at: Diaspora cultural identity; how perceptions of prejudice shape experience of public spaces in the city; and intimate relationships.        


Goldie, P. (2018). Cultural Racism and Islamaphobia In Glasgow. In: Davidson, N. et al Eds. No Problem Here, Understanding Racism in Scotland. Luath Press Limited: Edinburgh, pp 128-145.   





    Sociology Level 1A, Self and Society

    Sociology Level 1B, Critical Research in Contemporary Societies

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