Research Summary

Research Summary

My research focuses on how urban planners and communities can work together to develop visions for local places through the Scottish Government’s participative ‘charrette’ workshops.  The aim of the project is through case study based research, to understand critically, the appropriateness of the charrette method as the ‘mainstream’ form of participation in the Scottish local development planning process. Methods of enquiry will include analysis of relevant policy and practice documents semi structured interviewing with charrette participants and observation of the events in progress. The research objectives are both to understand empirically, the operation and outcomes of charrettes for both planner and citizen participants, as well as to contribute to the broader theoretical literature on participative planning.

Research Interests

  • Participative planning and governance
  • Urban design
  • Social research design  

Sponsor / Funder

Economic and Social Research Council


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    University of Glasgow

    2016-17: Social Science Statistics 1, Quantitative  Methods, Social and Public Policy 1A, Governance and Markets, Urban Design Policy and Practice

    2017-18: Quantitative Methods, Social and Public Policy 1A

    Glasgow School of Art, Macintosh School of Architecture

    2016-18: Shaping the City: An Introduction to Urban Design  

    Additional Information

    I am a Chartered Town Planner and West of Scotland RTPI Chapter Committee Member. I have seven years’ experience in local government and also contribute my skills on a voluntary basis to Planning Aid Scotland (PAS) and Shelter Scotland.