Linda Shetabi


Research title: Urban Conservation and Environmental Sustainability in Scottish Urban Planning Policy and Practice

Research Summary

Research Summary

In the context of sustainable urban development (SUD), the research aims to examine the relationship between urban conservation, environmental sustainability and urban planning. It is well recognised that urban conservation is a crucial component of delivering SUD, yet this recognition is not reflected in the assessment of built heritage significance. As such, the research seeks to analyse current urban planning and conservation practices in Glasgow and Edinburgh to explore the extent to which, and reasons why, there is a disconnect between the rhetoric of national and local planning policy on sustainable urban development and the reality of urban conservation in Scotland. 

The particular aim of this research is to identify areas of intersection, dissonance, and convergence of urban conservation, environmental sustainability and the aims and objectives of urban planning policy. The outcome of which will challenge the significance of built heritage beyond its aesthetic and historic values, to include its contribution to the environmental sustainability of cities and carbon reduction targets.

Research Topic

Urban Conservation and Environmental Sustainability in Scottish Urban Planning Policy and Practice

Research Interests 

  • Heritage Conservation
  • Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Development
  • Urban Planning Policies
  • Architecture Conservation
  • Livable and Resilient Cities

Sponsor / Funder

College of Social Sciences   



2017    “Liveable Yangon: for whom?”  CONTEXT No.150, July 2017, The Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

Conference Papers

2016    “An Underplayed Aspect of the Liveable City: The Challenges of Protecting Street Life in a Historic Street in Yangon, Myanmar,” paper for the international conference “Inheriting the City: Advancing Understanding of Urban Heritage,” organized by the Ironbridge International Institute of Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham and National Taiwan University, held in Taipei, Taiwan, 31 March to 4 April 2016.

2015    “Heritage Conservation and Environmental Sustainability: Revisiting the Evaluation Criteria for Built Heritage,” paper for “Australia ICOMOS Conference – Fabric: Threads of Conservation,” organized by Australia ICOMOS, held in Adelaide, Australia, 5-8 November 2015.


2017-Jun-Aug GTA - ISS Politics, University of Glasgow, UK

2016-Jan-Jun  Tutor - Housing and CitiesRECO1200, Faculty Foundation Course, Department of Real Estate and Construction, HKU. 

20015-Sep-Dec Teaching Assistant - Interpretation of Heritage PlacesCONS3005, Advanced BA Conservation Core Course, Department of Architecture, HKU.

2014-2015 Tutor World Heritage and Us CCGL9039, Common Core Course, Department of Architecture, HKU.

Additional Information

2015-2016       Academic and Research Coordinator, Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes, HKU