Kristina Cimova

Kristina Cimova


Research Title

Thesis rephrased to: Investigation of grand and petty corruption through the lens of Slovakia's healthcare sector

Research Summary

PhD Topic

Investigation of grand and petty corruption through the lens of Slovakia's healthcare sector

Research Interests

  • Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Security in Central and Eastern Europe


Cimova, K. and Kranoudi, G. (2018) Celebrating the centenary: the history of the founding of the Russian lectureship at the University of Glasgow. Slavonica, 23(1), pp. 3-6. (doi:10.1080/13617427.2018.1471808)

Sklenar, D.Cimova, K. and Dworzecki, J. (2018) Evaluation of the European Union’s Digital Agenda’s Level of Preparedness. In: Cibul'a, A.Karas, M.Klenka, M. and Vlková, E. (eds.) Economic, Political and Legal Issues of International Relations 2018. Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM: Bratislava, pp. 398-407. ISBN 9788022545068

Cimova, K. (2018) Popular cinemas in East Central Europe: film cultures and histories. Slavonica, 23(2), pp. 170-172. (doi:10.1080/13617427.2019.1582189)[Book Review]

Ivor, J.Sklenar, D. and Cimova, K. (2018) Tax havans and Slovak companies. In: 19th International Science Conference, Smolenice, Slovakia, 29-30 Nov 2018, pp. 260-271. ISBN 9788022546027


CES Conference for Europeanists 2017- lead volunteer 

100 Years of Russian at Glasgow Conference 2017- presented archival research under the auspices of the Chancellor’s Fund ‘Russian at Glasgow- How It All Began' 

Rethinking Soviet Legacies Conference 2017-presented a paper entitled ‘The Legacy of Corruption in Contemporary Slovak Cinema’



Additional Information

Residing in the UK as of 2008, originally from Slovakia. HMC Scholar of 2008-2010. Completed MA in Russian/English Literature, First Class Honours and MSc in Russian, Central, East European and Eurasian Studies at the University of Glasgow. Chosen Glasgow for its renowned Slavonics and CEES department, which is in line with my interest in Slavonic languages, literature and the political and sociological issues of Central and Eastern Europe.