Kirstie English

Research title: How should survey measurements represent differences of sex, gender, and sexuality in the UK?

Research Summary

Kirstie is currently researching how survey measurements could better capture the diversity of sex, gender and sexuality in the UK. They are implementing a sequential mixed-methods design aiming to assess current survey practices in terms of how groups overlooked by said practices feel sex, gender and sexuality should best be captured.


Livingston, M. , McArthur, D.,  Hong, J. and  English, K.  (2020) Predicting cycling volumes using crowdsourced activity data. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, (Accepted for Publication)

Scottish Human Rights Commission (2020) The Open Budget Survey 2019 results for Scotland’s 2017/18 Budget, (report based on research undertaken by Kirstie English)


College of Social Sciences (CoSS) PhD Scholarship: 2019-2022

Q-step scholarship for the MA in Social Research at the University of Sheffield: 2018-19

Additional Information

Previous related work experience:

Consultant | Scottish Human Rights Commission: Nov 2018-Feb 2019

As a consultant for the SHRC Kirstie was tasked with refining and applying the Commission’s Quality of Participation indicator for the national budget process.

Open Budget Survey Intern | Scottish Human Rights Commission: Jul 2018-Nov 2018

As the Open Budget Survey intern Kirstie was responsible for carrying out a small scale, mixed methods research project, designed to develop human rights indicators that can be used comparatively, globally. Their three main responsibilities were: exploring the feasibility of Scotland's involvement in the OBS, taking lived experience and translating this into indicators that can then be measured and providing indicators that can be peer reviewed by international allies

Quantitative Data Handling Contractor | Scottish Human Rights Commission: Mar 2018-Mar 2018

Kirstie had the opportunity to co-write a report based on survey data gathered by the Scottish Human Rights Commission about perceptions on human rights in Scotland. This opportunity gave them the chance to develop their ability to present quantitative data in a clear and accessible manner, emphasising the key findings.

Research Intern | University of Glasgow:Sep 2017- Mar 2018

Responsible for carrying out qualitative research into why there is such a significant gender imbalance in the Primary Education workforce. Their responsibilities include gaining ethical approval for this research, carrying out focus groups and interviews and analysing and reporting on the results of said focus groups and interviews.

Q-Step Education Intern | University of Glasgow:Jul 2017-Sep 2017

Responsible for creating educational resources to assist in the teaching of the SQA Higher Statistics course. Kirstie created video and PDF tutorials aimed at teachers showing how R can be used in statistical analysis. The resources were then presented on a website of their creation.

Q-Step Intern | Urban Big Data Centre:Sep 2016-Oct 2016

They worked on comparing data recorded by a cycling app and cyclist’s counts recorded by the Glasgow City Council over a number of years. Kirstie was responsible for cleaning the data, creating usable data sets and then running correlations and other analysis to compare the information recorded via the app to the City Councils’ data.


MA in Social Research, with Merit, University of Sheffield, Sep 2018-Sep 2019

MA SocSci in Sociology with Quantitative Methods, 1st class honours,  University of Glasgow,  Sep 2014-Jul 2018