Karim Mitha


Research title: Identity, resilience, and mental health amongst Muslims in Scotland

Research Summary

Karim's current research interests examine the role of social processes on development of common mental disorders (CMDs), ie: depression and anxiety. The primary subject population being examined is British Muslims and the project aims to examine the impact of acculturative processes on subsequent psychological morbidity. The aim is to gain a holistic picture, through examining key community stakeholders and individual experiences, of how British Muslims undergo various acculturative processes, the role of their faith and ethnic identity, and the impacts of discrimination and integration. This research utilises an interdisciplinary approach and employs qualitative and quantitative methodologies using an intersectional approach.



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MQ Mental Health (2019)

American Anthroplogical Association (2018)

Migration, Ethnicity, Race and Health Congress bursary (2018)

British Academy ECR Grant – Mental Health Policy and Social Science Practice (2018)

BSA Support Fund (2018)

University of Edinburgh New Network Award (2017)

BPS Annual Conference Postgraduate Bursary (2016)

GLADD Research Prize (2015)

Institute of Ismaili Studies Research Grant (2012)

Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education Travel Grant (2012)


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  • University of Edinburgh MBChB - Health, Ethics Society: Social Psychiatry, Stigma and Discrimination


  • University of Edinburgh MBChB - Health, Ethics Society: Disability, Global Health, Social Determinants of Health. 


Guest Lecturer:

  • University of Edinburgh MOOC Global Mental Health - Culture and Spirituality 



  • De Montfort University - BA (Health Studies), BSc (Public and Community Health), BSc (Psychology), Bsc (Psychology and Health Studies)
    • Human Body
    • Research Methods
    • Health Improvement
    • Health Psychology
    • Introduction to Social Research
    • Healthcare Management
    • Debates and Dilemmas in Healthcare
    • Applied Social Research
    • Dissertation
    • Health Promotion and Public Health
    • Gender and Health
    • Globalisation and Health
    • Psychology of Sexuality 

Additional Information

Karim Mitha has an inter-disciplinary and international academic background. He studied for his Health Studies and Psychology qualifications in Canada, pursued Islamic Studies in London, studied an intensive Arabic programme in Syria, and studied Public Health in the United Kingdom and has obtained a certificate in counselling skills.  He is also trained in Mental Health First Aid. Consequently, his research areas and interests are very interdisciplinary in nature. His background in health psychology has enabled him to use mixed-methods research approaches to examine behavioural factors in health outcomes. His current research themes are broadly aligned with diversity issues and cross-cultural care – looking at issues of social exclusion, acculturation, experiences of care, and factors involved in mental ill health. He also engages with social psychology perspectives to examine aspects of social policy, marginalization, religion, and culture within concepts of group process theory, identity, and social representation. 

Member - European Health Psychology Society

Fellow - Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures, Commerce

Fellow - Royal Society of Public Health

Division of Health Psychology; Division of Academics, Researchers, Teachers in Psychology; Social Psychology Section - British Psychological Society

Member - The British Sociological Association

Member - Muslims in Britain Research Network

Member - British Islamic Medical Association

Member - Migration Health and Development Research Initiative