Jolan Nisbet


Research Interests

  • European Union
  • Central Europe
  • Asylum
  • Politics of Health
  • Education

Research title: Member State engagement with the Common European Asylum System in an enlarged Union.

Research Summary

PhD Abstract

My research focus is considering elite engagement in the Czech Republic and Hungary, and the impact that these countries have had on the development of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). I hope to contribute to the literature surrounding the CEAS as well as the engagement of new member states (post enlargement).


Nisbet, J., Haw, M., and Fletcher, A. “The role of tutors in peer led teaching.” Education for Chemical Engineers (2014)

Nisbet, J., Haw, M., and Fletcher, A. “Inclusivity of female students in engineering disciplines – a modern perspective.” (forthcoming)


September 2008 to August 2011 City University of Seattle (Bratislava Campus)
Areas of instruction included (undergraduate) English, Politics and International Law

Additional Information

I joined the Department in September 2013. After completing an ethnographic study at the University of Strathclyde the previous year. Before that I completed an MRes in International Relations (Glasgow), MA in International Relations and World Order (Leicester) and BA in Canadian Politics (Ottawa). I have also been employed as an assistant to the Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister (Ottawa) and taught at City University (Bratislava).

Other Roles

Member of the academic association for contemporary European Studies.