Gavin Hawkton


Research title: Media, Public Discourse and the Miners' Strike 1984-85

Research Summary

How did coverage of the miners’ strike 1984-5 differ across news media? Starting with this question my research explores key moments of the strike through an examination of local, regional and national media coverage. It questions how dominant narratives were created and maintained across news media and the implications of this for the outcome of the miners’ strike.

The theme of this project, will also link to contemporary debates about hegemony and media bias, highlighting the continued relevance of these issues.




  • Hegemony
  • Oral History
  • Miners Strike 1984-85
  • Media and Policy



Hawkton, G (2022) The Media Versus the MinersTribune (online article)


Economic and Social History 1A: Towards Globalisation, 1750-1914

Economic and Social History 1B: Themes in Globalisation, 1914-2008 

Sociology 1A: Self and Society

Sociology 1B: Critical Research in Contemporary Societies 

Additional Information

2018 MA History: Northumbria University

2016 MA History: University of Glasgow