Daniel Shaw


Research title: Winning the Peace: Structural Challenges to the Demobilization of Non-state Armed Groups.

Research Summary

I am currently working on an ESRC 1+3 research project focusing on the transformation of Non-State Armed Groups in post-conflict societies. In particular I am interested in the structural and economic factors which influence post-war outcomes, such as violence and political stability.


Shaw, Daniel Odin. "Beyond necessity: Hezbollah and the intersection of state-sponsored terrorism with organised crime." Critical Studies on Terrorism (2019): 1-23.

Shaw, Daniel Odin. "The Crime-Conflict Nexus: Connecting Cause and Effect." E-Journal of International Relations (2019).

Shaw, Daniel Odin. “The New Language of Hate: Misogyny and the Alt-Right.” in Identities in Flux: Globalisation, Trauma and Reconcilliation (2019), A special Edition of Kritika and Kontext no.53-53 Edited by Dagmar Kusá.

Shaw, Daniel Odin. "Ideology in Bioshock." Press Start 5, no. 1 (2019): 82-93.

Shaw, Daniel Odin. “Christendom without Christ: Atheism and Religion in the Alt-Right" Forthcoming in the Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies.


Economic and Social Research Council 1+3 funding.


Paper Presentation “(A)symmetrical Demobilisation: Theorising post-conflict violence.” at the 2019 ECPR General Conference in Wrocław.

Paper Presentation “Christendom without Christ: Atheism and Religion in the Alt-Right.” at the 2018 Nations in Cyberspace Conference in Budapest.

Paper Presentation “The New Language of Hate: Misogyny and the Alt-Right" at the 2017 Liberal Herald Conference in Bratislava.

Additional Information

Awards -

CEU Political Science Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (2018)

CEU Political Science Department Best Thesis Award (2018)

Liberal Herald Essay Finalist (2017)