Barry Black

Research title

Chances or Choices? Influences on Young People's Learning Decisions

Research summary

Research Summary

Chances or Choices? Influences on Young People’s Learning Decisions

The research aims to investigate the social and structural factors that influence pupils’ school subject choices in the Greater Glasgow region, and assess the implications for employer’s engagement in schools.

Research Interests

  • Education and devolved public policy
  • Health, income and education inequalities
  • Policy related to Looked After Children/Care Expereinced Young People
  • The future of work


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Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) +3


BLACK, B. 2019. Chances or Choices? Subject Choice in Scotland's Senior Phase [Presentation]. SEAS Improving Social Justice in Scottish Education Conference, 17/8, Glasgow.

YUILL, C., TWUMASI, R., BLACK, B. 2018. Identity and Solidarity in the ‘Gig Economy’ [Presentation]. British Sociological Association, 11/4, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.



Social & Public Policy 1A: Foundations of Welfare 

Social & Public Policy 2A: Perspectives on Public Policy