Anna Bochorishvili

Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research
Adam Smith Building, Room 205
University of Glasgow
G12 8RT

Research title: Relationship Experiences of Women with Disabilities in Georgia (Sociology, Inequalities - women with disabilities)

Research Summary

PhD Abstract 

Relationship experiences of disabled women in Georgia

Disabled people in Georgia have been excluded from mainstream society for a long time. They are excluded from work, housing, education and are denied the right to have families and relationships. Little is known about what it is the experience of having an impairment and how the intersection of disability and gender impacts on the ability to form personal relationships and sexuality. However, if we are to tackle the exclusion of disabled people, the right to personal life is a requirement for full and equal citizenship and the citizenship has been at the centre of disabled people’s fight for equality worldwide.  

The aim of this study is to start filling this gap through exploring what it is like to live with an impairment in Georgia. It will focus on the experiences of disabled women with a particular emphasis on relationships and friendships. This research is linked to my previous master’s dissertation and attempts to contribute on the one hand, to the wider discussions about disabled women’s right to relationships and on the other hand, the gender studies in post-socialist context. In addition, it will contribute to the understanding of intimacy in social science literature, which often excludes the perspectives of disabled people. 

Research Interests:

  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Qualitive Research Methods
  • Visual Methods
  • Social Theory


Bochorishvili A., 2017, Day-care Centres for Disabled Adults and Children in Georgia – Qualitative Research Analysis. ISSA for Child Family Society. Available online in Georgian at:


Sponsor / Funder

International Education Center

Additional Information

In 2009 I have graduated from Tbilsi State University and have a bachelor's degree in Sociolody. Later, I earned a master's degree in Mass-Communications from Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. In 2015 I was funded by the International Education Center (IEC) to study at the University of Glasgow where I completed a MSc in Equality and Human Rights. My dissertation explored lived experiences of disables women in Georgia. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD at the same university with the IEC Scholarship.

I worked for Coalition for Independent Living, a national disability rights organisation in Georgia, for 5 years in difference capacity including project manager, project director and research consultant. I have developed successful proposals for increased participation of voters with disabilities in elections which have helped to make a number of polling stations accessible for voters with physical impairments and introduce new regulations in the Elections Code of Georgia to ensure accessibility of voting procedures for people with visual impairments. I have also managed projects focused on accessibility of education buildings in Georgia and have contributed to several disability-related research including the review of specific challenges faces by women with disabilities in Georgia and the study of day-care centre services. In 2016 I was a project director of the USAID funded project where I advocated for the implementation of CRPD and revision of Georgian legislation. I have also organised a number of high-level meetings and conferences for CIL and large public outreach and education campaigns on independent living, accessibility and disability awareness in general.