Alejandro Rubio Arnal

Ivy Lodge,
63 Gibson Street
University of Glasgow
G12 8LR



Research title: Improving Re/integration in Scotland Through Collaboration: a Glasgow case

Research Summary

My PhD project uses an innovative and sophisticated methodology in order to study the ‘same old problem’ of post-prison re/integration in a new way. I have formed and am facilitating and being a member of a heterogeneous research group whose purpose is to collaboratively gain a better understanding of post-prison re/integration. The group meets every 6 weeks or so over 12 months in order, through dialogue, to explore each other´s knowledge about post-prison re/integration and then to co-produce knowledge about this topic. To do this, we are collaboratively answering three questions: What is post-prison re/integration? How is post-prison re/integration supported and experienced in Glasgow? How can post-prison re/integration in Glasgow be improved?

The second aim of this project is to study if, to what extent, why and how this process of co-exploration and co-production of knowledge helps to develop our a) individual, b) collective, and c) academic knowledge/understandings about/of re/integration. 

Research Interests: 

  • Re/Integration
  • Dialogue
  • Knowledge co-exploration and co-creation






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1+3 ESRC Studentship