Agathangelos Stavropoulos,

Research title: Digital activism and different types of trust

Research Summary

Digital Democracy, Digital Activism, Trust on Governments

Additional Information

I was born on January 6th of 1996 in Athens, Greece and I lived there until I finished high-school and left to study in Ionian University at Corfu. I graduated from the Ionian University with a B.A. in Language Translation and Interpretation during which I was also an exchange student at KU Leuven University (Sint Andries Campus, Antwerpen) (2013-2017). After graduating in 2017, I started a Master of Arts in Art Law & Arts Management in the International Hellenic University (IHU). Later, in 2018, after finishing my master’s degree I pursued an MSc in International Relations from University of Bristol and after finishing it in 2019, I started my PhD in University of Glasgow.