Access to Specialised Victim Support Services for Women with Disabilities who have experienced Violence

Daphne logoThis was a comparative EU project from funded by the Daphne III programme of the European Commission. The project ran from 2013 to 2015 and the research was carried out in four European countries:

  • Austria (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute)
  • Germany (University of Giessen)
  • Iceland (University of Iceland)
  • United Kingdom (University Glasgow and University of Leeds)

UK Project Team

  • Dr Sonali Shah (Principal Investigator, University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Sarah Woodin (co-investigator, University of Leeds)
  • Dr Lito Tsitsou (Research Assistant, University of Glasgow)

The research was guided by UK Advisory Board members:

  • Mridul Wadwha (Rape Crises Scotland)
  • Marilyn Howard (England Womens Aid)
  • Ruth Balshall (Stay Safe East)
  • Susie Balderston (Vision Sense)


The project focused on three components:

  1. Assessing the legal and policy framework.
  2. Generating extensive empirical data by surveying disabled or Deaf women (focus group discussions, in-depth-interviews) and service providers (online-survey, interviews with staff members).
  3. Developing good-practice-examples and recommendations.

Outputs: reports and brochures

National reports were prepared for each component, and associated comparative reports identifying the most prominent issues, including the commonalities and differences between the four countries' issues.

UK Outputs

The main findings are available to access in easy language, sign language and audio files. Products include:

Other countries' outputs

Products from all four countries can be accessed on the main project website

Contact us

If you would like further information, or to discuss working together, please contact Dr Sonali Shah.

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