The Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research is funded from a bequest by Strathclyde Regional Council to the University of Glasgow. Our remit is to provide an academic base for research and teaching in social aspects of disability. We are currently researching the education, training, employment, health and legal needs of disabled people.

Our Mission

  • To undertake high quality research on the social aspects of disability.
  • To carry out research that is relevant to the lives of people with a range of impairments and which attempts to advance the rights of disabled people.
  • To undertake research on the experiences of disabled people throughout Scotland, the United Kingdom and Internationally.

Our Aims

  • To undertake research which is of relevance to the lives of disabled people
  • To involve disabled people in identifying issues for research and in the research process
  • To attract funding to undertake high quality research
  • To use research to identify barriers to the social inclusion of disabled people
  • To produce and disseminate policy recommendations to appropriate organisations

 Our Objectives

  • To contribute to our understandings of factors that disable or enable people with a variety of impairments in Scotland and the UK
  • To use and develop the social model of disability in understanding the experiences of disabled people
  • To develop the profile of the Strathclyde Centre within disability studies and the wider social policy community
  • To ensure that the Strathclyde Centre is identified as a centre of both national and International research excellence