Theoretical and Cultural Research

Theoretical and Cultural Research

Theoretical excellence – a concern to shape research in the context of and in conversation with the most significant developments in social theory – is at the heart of all of our work. Sociology at Glasgow has a long-standing track record in the production of new theoretical knowledge and insight, and has often shaped international discussion in the discipline. Included, here, then is a whole range of work aimed at the development of new theoretical insight, as well as historical and comparative cultural research, including the following: work around questions of kinships, families and intimacy undertaken Dr. Matt Dawson and Dr. Roona Simpson; the extremely influential investigative work on news production and reception undertaken by the Glasgow University Media Group, led by Prof. Greg Philo; the innovative application of ethnographic research techniques to the study religious education and management training by Dr. Nicole Bourque; the significant studies of cultural memory, and of social theory, carried out by emeritus Prof. Bridget Fowler and the historical sociology of empire undertaken by Dr. Andy Smith.

Current and recent research projects

Dr. Nicole Bourque is the lead ethnographer on ‘Does Religious Education Work’, a £365,000 project jointly funded by the ESRC and AHRC as part of their ‘Religion in Society’ programme, and led by Prof. Jim Conroy and was previously lead ethnographer on a multi-institutional project funded by the Advanced Institute of Management examining corporate strategy away days, and involving colleagues from the University of Lancaster, and St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Prof. Greg Philo and Dr. Mike Berry recently launched the second edition of their highly influential study of news coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict More Bad News from Israel. Prof. Philo has also been instrumental in a high profile recent campaign to broaden discussions around the question of national debt, proposing a one off tax on the super-rich. 

Dr. Simpson is co-editor of a new volume from Palgrave Macmillan ‘Researching Families and Relationships’.