Volume 3, Number 2, Winter 2011 




The Long Road to National Unity

Maurizio Carbone and James L Newell

The 150th Anniversary of Italian Unification

Guest editors: Isabella Clough Marinaro and James Walston



Introduction: Italy’s 150th Anniversary
James Walston

Rethinking the Italian Liberal State

Nick Carter

The Boundaries of Unitarian Italy: Gender and Class between Personal and Public Sources. Four Intellectual Couples Compared
Claudia Gori

From Myth to Reality and Back Again: The Fascist and Post-Fascist Reading of Garibaldi and the Risorgimento
Rosario Forlenza and Bjørn Thomassen

Encountering Italy: Military Service and National Identity during the First World War
Vanda Wilcox

Interventionism in 1915and the Man of Letters: The Ethical Commitments of Serra and the ‘Armed Poet’ D’Annunzio
Patrizia Piredda

'Alternation? - What Alternation? The Second Republic and the Challenge of Democratic Consolidation
 Phil Edwards

Regionalist Party Formation in Italy: A Case Study of the Valle d’Aosta
John Brice

The Premature End of the Fourth Berlusconi Government: An Updating of Indicators of the Government’s Legislative Performance and Productivity
Francesco Marangoni

Nichi Vendola: For the New ‘Laboratory’ of the Italian Left
Marco Damiani

NEWS AND EVENTS            
Robert D. Putnam between Italy and the US

Sergio Fabbrini
The Italian Political System 150 Years On: The Risorgimento’s Relevance Today
Simona Piattoni


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