Research groups

Gender and Sexualities Forum

A cross-School forum for scholars pursuing research around the broad fields of gender and sexualities. We offer a creative intellectual space that provides a platform for developing new research ideas and collaborations as well as solidifying research agendas and sharing outputs.

Glasgow Latin American Research Network

A forum for staff and students across the university and people across the city to meet and share research and information relating to Latin America.

Historic and International Theory (HINT)

A broadly based research cluster investigating the intersection between International Relations and Political Theory, promoting empirically informed theoretical work with an emphasis on the study of contemporary conflict and its normative dimensions.  

Stevenson Trust for Citizenship

Making provision in Glasgow for instruction in the rights, duties, and obligations of citizens in relation to the city, the state, and the commonwealth of nations; and promoting study, inquiry and research in subjects bearing on local government, national polity, and international community.


Providing a space for comparative political analysis within and across regions, including but not limited to Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, East Asia and Latin America.