Academic programme

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The meeting will begin with a reception in the Hunterian Museum from 5pm on Monday 20th July. This will be followed by two days of panels on Tuesday 21st July and Wednesday 22nd July. The meeting ends with a conference dinner in the University's Randolph Hall on the evening of Wednesday 22nd July.

Tuesday 21st July

Session 1 (0900-1030)

Panel A Morality: Rousseau and Smith on Music and the Imitative Arts

Location: Humanity Lecture Theatre

Chair: Charles Griswold (IASS)

Kris Worsley (Guildhall):  Smith, Rousseau and the sentiments of impassioned musical expression

Denise Schaeffer (Holy Cross): Elevation and Corruption: The Dual Character of Imitation in Rousseau and Smith

Michael O’Dea (Lyon II Lumiere): Smith and Rousseau On Imitation in the Arts

Panel B Politics: Smith and Rousseau on Justice

Location: Room G466

Chair: Jason Neidleman (RA)

Neil Saccamano (Cornell): Rousseau and Smith: Sympathy, Justice, and Cosmopolitics

Jimena Hurtado Prieto (Los Andes): Adam Smith and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Justice as an Attribute of Individuals and Institutions 

Warren Herold (Arkansas):  Adam Smith and the Psychological Foundations of Contractualism

Panel C Smith and Rousseau: Smith

Location: Fore Hall

Chair: Cian O’Driscoll (GU)

Maria Pia Paganelli (Trinity, USA): We Are Not The Center of The Universe: The Role of Astronomy in the Development of Morality in Adam Smith

Barry Weingast (Stanford): Deriving “General Principles” in Adam Smith: The Ubiquity of Equilibrium and Comparative Statics Analysis throughout His Works

Aino Lahdenranta (Jyvaskyla) Adam Smith on spontaneous propriety judgments


Tea (1030-1100) Fore Hall


Session 2 (1100-1230)

Panel A Morality: Imitation in Rousseau and Smith

Location: Humanity Lecture Theatre

Chair: John Scott (RA)

Iago Ramos (Salamanca):  Imagination, mémoire et appropriation chez Rousseau et Smith

Spiros Tegos (Crete): Courtoisie without court? Adam Smith’s translation and reception by French ‘Liberals’

Wei Wang (Chinese Academy of Social Science):Sound and imitation: A reexamination of Rousseau’s theory of sign

Panel B Politics: Smith on Justice and Freedom

Location: Room G466

Chair: Sandra Peart (IASS)

Jonathan Diesel (GMU): Two Superiors, Two Jural Relationships in Adam Smith

Lisa Hill (Adelaide): Adam Smith’s Politics: Social Science and Pragmatic Liberalism

Daniel B. Klein (George Mason): Adam Smith’s Multifaceted Justice

Panel C Smith and Rousseau: Education and Virtue

Location: Fore Hall

Chair: Christopher J. Berry (GU)

Gloria Vivenza (Verona): Smith, Rousseau and Cato the Younger

Patrick Cox (Georgia State): Rousseau’s Favorite Educational Treatise in Relation to the Emile: Comparing and Contrasting the Emile and the Republic

Tabitha Baker (Warwick): Julie’s Garden and the Impartial Spectator: an examination of Smithean themes in Rousseau’s La Nouvelle Héloïse


Lunch (1230-1330) Fore Hall


Session 3 (1330-1500)

Panel A Morality: Smith and Rousseau on Spectatorship

Location: Humanity Lecture Theatre

Chair: Zev Trachtenberg (RA)

Adam Schoene (Cornell):  Sentimental Conviction: Rousseau’s Apologia and the Impartial Spectator

Christopher Bertram (Bristol): Morality and the opinion of others

John McHugh (Denison): Pursuing Sympathy without Vanity: Reading Smith’s Attack on Rousseau through his Attack on Mandeville

Panel B Politics: Smith on Political Economy

Location: Room G466

Chair: Michelle Schwarze (IASS)

Edward Middleton (George Mason): Projectors as Men of System: Entangled Political Economy in Adam Smith’s Theory of Credit Markets

Donald Brand (Holy Cross): Adam Smith and Usury Laws

Reinhard Schumacher (Potsdam): Adam Smith and the Patterns of Foreign Trade: The Absence of an International Division of Labour in Smith’s Theory


Tea (1500-1530) Fore Hall 


Session 4 (1530-1700)

Panel A Morality: Smith on Moral Judgement

Location: Humanity Lecture Theatre

Chair: Fonna Forman (IASS)

Antonino Falduto (Halle-Wittenberg): Adam Smith’s Moral Decision-Making Process

Scott Drylie (GMU): Distant Learner or Campus Resident?  The Education of the Impartial Spectator

Lauren Kopatjic (Harvard): “Sentimentalizing” Self-Command: Adam Smith’s New Take on an Old Virtue

Panel B Politics: Commercial Society

Location: Room G466

Chair: Ourida Mostefai (RA)

Glory Liu (Stanford): Adam Smith on Poverty and the Paradox of Commercial Society

Byron Davies (Harvard): The Insult in Not Being Believed: Rousseau and Adam Smith

Fabien Delmotte (Paris West Nanterre La Defense): The question of emancipation: Adam Smith and Rousseau 

Panel C Smith and Rousseau: Rousseau

Location: Fore Hall

Chair: Michael O’Dea (RA)

Mauro Dela Bandera Arco Junior (USP Brazil): Rousseau's anthropology in the Essai sur l'origine des langues

Thiago Vargas (USP Brazil): Rousseau's critique of political economy

Antoine Serge Bell (Yaounde 1 Cameroun): Jean-Jacques Rousseau Et La Science Économique De Son Temps


Manuscripts exhibit Library Special Collections (1700-1830)


Wednesday 22nd July

Session 5 (0900-1030)

Panel A: The Moral Sentiments

Location: Fore Hall

Chair: Alexander Broadie (GU)

Michael Schleeter (Pacific Lutheran):  Adam Smith, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the Cultivation of Moral Sentiments

Jonathan Jacobs (John Jay-CUNY): Adam Smith on Resentment and Gratitude: The Moral Psychology of Justice and Civility

Benoit Walraevens (Caen) & Clare Pignol (Paris I PHARE): Rousseau and Smith on Envy in Commercial Societies

Panel B: Smith and Rousseau on Government

Location: Room G466

Chair: Christopher J. Berry (GU)

Jason Neidleman (La Verne): Left to their own devices: Smith and Rousseau on Public Opinion and the Role of the State

Dennis Rasmussen (Tufts): Smith, Rousseau, and the True Spirit of a Republican

Mark Hulliung (Brandeis):  Rousseau and the Scottish Enlightenment: Connections and Disconnections


Tea (1030-1100) Fore Hall


Session 6 (1100-1230)

Panel A: Smith and Rousseau on Autonomy

Location: Fore Hall

Chair: Brigitte Weltman-Aron (RA)

Hina Nazar (Illinois Urbana –Champ): Rethinking Autonomy: Rousseau and Adam Smith

Mark Hill (LSE): Actors and Spectators: Rousseau's response to eighteenth century debates on self-interest

Supritha Rajan (Rochester): Autonomy and its Affects: Regret and Sympathy in Rousseau and Smith

Panel B: Conjectural History

Location: Room G466

Chair: Maria Pia Paganelli (IASS)

Zev Trachtenberg (Oklahoma): Smith and Rousseau on Habitation

Spencer Pack (Connecticut College):   Rousseau's Influence on Smith's Theory of Unintended Consequences, the Invisible Hand and Smith's Understanding of History        


Lunch (1230-1400) Fore Hall

Room G466 will be available for a meeting of Rousseau Association Members. The Fore Hall will be available for a meeting of International Adam Smith Society Members.


Session 7 (1400-1530)

Panel A: Sympathy/Pitie

Location: Fore Hall

Chair: Christopher Martin (IASS)

Christel Fricke (Oslo): Self-love, Sympathy, and the Challenges of Freedom and Equality – Smith’s Response to Rousseau

Michelle Schwarze (Wisconsin-Madison) & John Scott (UC Davis):   The Possibility of Progress: Smith and Rousseau on Pitié, Sympathy, and the Moral Economy

Panel B: Smith and Rousseau

Location: Room G466

Chair: Thierry C. Pauchant

Gordon Graham (Princeton Theological): Smith and Rousseau on Religion

Christopher Kelly & Heather Pangle (Boston College): Rousseau and Julie von Bondeli on the Moral Sense

G & F Roosevelt (Metropolitan College of New York): Rousseau and Smith on Public and Private Education in Commercial Society


Tea (1530-1600) Fore Hall


Session 8 (1600-1730) - Plenary and Discussion

Chair: Craig Smith (GU)

Charles Griswold (Boston): Self-falsification, Exchange, and Freedom: Adam Smith and Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Dialogue


Free Time (1730-1900)


Conference Dinner (1900) Randolph Hall