Michael Scanlan



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Research title: From El Congreso to Voulí ton Ellínon – The development of inclusionary populism

Research Summary

Research Summary

From Poujadism to UKIP, European populism has been understood as a phenomenon of the right. However, political developments since the Great Depression of 2008 have demonstrated that European populism is no longer confined to the right and is now an important component of radical European politics.


My thesis will be an attempt to understand what inclusive populism is, explore its Latin American roots and identify the specific circumstances which led to what was once unique to this geography becoming a fixture of mainstream European politics.


Research Topic

From El Congreso to Voulí ton Ellínon: The journey of inclusive populism from Latin America to Europe

Research Interests 

  • Populism
  • European Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Theory
  • Radical Left Politics
  • Models of Democracy

Sponsor / Funder

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Additional Information

My professional background is in public relations having worked in both political and financial PR in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and Brussels. My interest in European politics started when I was a press officer for a Member of the European Parliament from 2003 to 2006.  

During this time, the EU underwent its most significant enlargement, taking in ten new member states, eight of which were from the former Eastern Bloc.  

It was a period of optimism for the EU but the Global Economic Crisis and subsequent Great Recession ended this optimism.  

We are still working to understand the many implications and after-shocks of this crisis for the EU and this is an area that fascinated me sufficiently for me to abandon public relations for political science.   

I’m a native of Glasgow and when not building theoretical models of populism, I can be found building actual models of Lego with my son.