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Occasional Publication Series, edited by Professor Malcolm Nicolson

David McGowan and Malcolm Nicolson (eds) Apprenticeship to Life Long Learning: Dental education through the centuries, 2015

Proceedings of a symposium organised jointly by the Henry Noble History of Dentistry Research Group, the Lindsay Society for the History of Dentistry, and the Centre for the History of Medicine.

Price £12.50

David Wilson (ed) - Physics and Physic. Essays in Memory of John M.A. Lenihan, 2001
The proceedings of a conference held to commemorate John Lenihan, distinguished Professor of Clinical Physics.
Price: £12.50

Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, Alastair Tough, John Hope McColl & Johanna Geyer-Kordesch - Selecting Clinical Records for Long-Term Preservation, Revised Second Edition 2000
A careful study, with detailed recommendations, of the problem of the long-term storage and retrieval of clinical records.
Price: £8.00

James F. McHarg - In Search of Dr John MakLuire, 1997 (with an introduction by Helen Dingwall)
Dr John MacLuire was a leading Scottish physician and medical author of the seventeenth century.
Price: £20.00

Margot Mayes - The Stormy Petrel: A Life of Dr Kate Fraser, 1995
Dr Kate Fraser was an early woman medical graduate of Glasgow University and became the first female Commissioner of the Board of Control for Scotland.
Price: £8.50

Johanna Geyer-Kordesch & Rona Ferguson - Blue Stockings, Black Gowns, White Coats, 1995
Explores the early history of women in Glasgow medicine more generally.
Price: £7.00

Charles J. Smith (with J.G. Collee) - Edinburgh's Contribution to Medical Microbiology, 1994
A detailed prosopographical study by two participants.
Price: £20.00

C. Helen Brock - Dr James Douglas's Papers and Drawings in the Hunterian Collection,
Glasgow University Library, 1994
An essential guide to Glasgow University Library's substantial archival holding relating to a major figure of eighteenth-century medicine.
Price: £7.00

Alistair G. Tough - Medical Archives of Glasgow and Paisley, 1993
Guide to the medical records of Glasgow and Paisley.
Price: £8.50

Robert Campbell Garry - Life in Physiology, 1992 (edited by David Smith)
Robert Garry, whose memoirs have been edited by David Smith, was distinguished Professor of Physiology in Glasgow University in the period immediately after the Second World War.
Price: £8.50

Stephen Patterson - Finding Fife's Medical Records, 1992
A guide to the medical records of Fife.
Price: £6.50

Wendy Alexander - First Ladies of Medicine, 1987
Tells the story of the first women to graduate in medicine from Glasgow University.
Price: £10.00


Ian Spencer, John Fleming & Malcolm Nicolson - A Scan Through the History of Ultrasound, 1996
A video telling the story of the development of obstetric ultrasound in Glasgow though contemporary images.
Price: £13.00