Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate Students


  • Paula Blair, Malcolm Ferguson-Smith and the development of prenatal genetic testing - jointly with Genetics, College of MVLS and History, College of Arts
  • Jennifer Carr, The medical history of refugee camps and the professionalisation of medical humanitarianism, - jointly with Modern History, College of Arts, Wellcome Trust
  • Ian Carthy, Framing Schizophrenia in Britain, 1945-1970: R D Laing and the Case of Anti-Psychiatry
  • Steven Craig, Dissevering all connection with the science of abstract quality: the origins of an epistemological watershed in British medicine 1736-1780
  • Maelle Jessica Duchemin-Pelletier, Stillbirth in Glasgow: medical, religious and legal perspectives, 1901-1992
  • Susan Gardiner, The history of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, and infection control in Scottish hospitals, c. 1930-1970 - Leverhulme Trust
  • Mark Gallagher, From mental patient to service user: deinstitutionalization and the emergence of the mental health service user/survivor movement in Scotland 1970-2010 - jointly with Medical Humanities, College of Arts
  • Baher Mohamed Moustafa Mohamed Ibrahim, The medical history of refugee camps and the mental health of refugees, - jointly with Modern History, LKAS Studentship
  • Michelle McGachie, The question of consent in the collection of genetic data for clinical research - Leverhulme Trust
  • Dominic Reed, Medical confidentiality and domestic violence - Leverhulme Trust
  • Roz Sullivan, Professional misconduct: the work of the disciplinary committee of the General Medical Council
  • Siti Farahiyah Binti Hj Ab Rahim, Patients' data privacy vs. breach of confidentiality on electronic media: a critical analysis - jointly with Law, College of Social Sciences


  • Iain Smith, The medical response to the "Alcohol Question" in Scotland, 1750-2000, - jointly with Psychological Medicine, College of MVLS

These recently completed:

  • Dr Martha Kirby, Narratives of eating disorders - ESRC studentship
  • Dr Nick Sharrer, A comparative study of the health impact of social housing, Glasgow and Baltimore - Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith studentship - jointly with Urban Studies, College of Social Sciences, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • Dr Kenneth Macaulay, Birth control knowledge: Scotland, 1900-1975 - jointly with Psychological Medicine, College of MVLS. - M.D.
  • Dr Alexander Pollock, From dyspepsia to Helicobacter: a history of peptic ulcer disease  - M.D.