Thursday 1st April 2010

Thursday 1st April 2010

Issued: Fri, 15 May 2009 16:43:00 BST

Owners, Managers and Control in British companies before 1914

Leslie Hannah is a visiting professor at the London School of Economics and the University of Reading.

Career Summary

  • 1969-73  Research Fellow, St John’s College, Oxford
  • 1973-75  Lecturer in Economics, University of Essex
  • 1975-78  Lecturer, University of Cambridge; Fellow, Emmanuel College
  • 1978-88  Director, Business History Unit, London School of Economics
  • 1982-97  Professor, London School of Economics
  • 1984-85  Visiting Professor, Harvard Business School
  • 1988-89  Visiting Professor, London Business School
  • 1995-97  Pro-Director, London School of Economics (Acting Director 1996-97)
  • 1997-2000  Dean, City University Business School, London
  • 2000-03  Chief Executive, Ashridge Business School
  • 2004-07  Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
  • 2007-08  Directeur d'Etudes Associé, EHESS, Paris
  • Oct 2007- present  Visiting Professor, University of Reading and LSE

Key Publications

  • The Rise of the Corporate Economy (Methuen/University Paperback/John Hopkins University Press, 1976; 2nd edition, 1983; Japanese edition 1987)
  • (with J Kay) Concentration in Modern Industry: Theory, Measurement and the UK Experience (Macmillan, 1977)
  • Electricity before Nationalisation (Macmillan and Johns Hopkins, 1982)
  • Inventing Retirement: The Development of Occupational Pensions in Britain (Cambridge University Press, 1986)
  • (with M Ackrill), Barclays: The Business of Banking 1690-1996 (CUP 2001)
  • "The Whig Fable of American Tobacco, 1895-1913," Journal of Economic History, March 2006
  • "The Divorce of Ownership from Control: Recalibrating Imagined Global Trends since 1900," Business History, July 2007
  • "Logistics, Market Size and Giant Plants in the early twentieth century: A Global View," Journal of Economic History, March 2008
  • Tales Business Professors Tell (forthcoming, Oxford University Press, 2010)

Venue: Lilybank House Seminar Room

Time: 11am

Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided.