Central and East European Energy Strategies: Creating a Sustainable Energy Future within the EU

Published: 16 November 2011

2 March 2012, University of Glasgow

Central and East European Energy Strategies: Creating a Sustainable Energy Future within the EU
Date: Friday 2nd March 2012
Host: University of Glasgow

assessing accession – central and eastern Europe in the eu, in conjunction with the EU-Russia Collaborative Research Network (Energy Study Group), will hold a 1 day workshop at the University of Glasgow (Friday 2nd March 2012) on “Central and East European energy strategies: creating a sustainable energy future within the EU”.

EU and non-EU member-states from the Baltics to the Balkans are currently working towards establishing a fully integrated regional energy market. This will allow for greater security of supply through increased interdependency, improved infrastructure and enhanced competition, among other things. However, this can only be successful if undertaken within the context of the wider European/EU strategy on energy. Challenges to this process are varied and progress is slow, yet the requirement and desire for this region to achieve a sustainable energy future remains strong.

This workshop see 12 papers examining a wide range of issues affecting the central and east European energy market and its current and future development within a wider EU context. These issues include, national and corporate energy strategies, EU regulation and liberalisation policy, development and financing of infrastructure projects, merger and acquisition, as well as geopolitical and economic relations with Russia and other third party states. Papers are focused on states from Central Europe, South-eastern Europe, Russia and the Baltic Region. Papers also reflect the varied energy sectors operating in the region, e.g. nuclear, piped natural gas and LNG, oil, coal and other fossil fuels, renewables etc.

For a provisional programme please click Energy Strategies Programme 
The event is free to attend, however, places are limited and if you are interested in attending please email the organizers on admin[at]assessingaccession.eu .

This event is supported by CRCEES (Centre for Russian, Central and East European Studies). assessing accession and EU-Russia are also co-sponsored by UACES and BASEES.

First published: 16 November 2011