Social Security, Care and the 'Withdrawing State' in Rural Russia: a case study from Altai Krai

This project explores the ways in which local people deal with everyday forms of insecurity brought about, for example, by economic crisis, demographic change, family dislocation, aging, disability, lifecycle stages and day-to-day issues. The project focuses on the ways in which people produce securities (social, economic, personal and cultural) by creatively drawing on public and private resources and relationships, formal and informal networks and practices, and state and non-state institutions and structures. Anthropological theorisations of social security as well as feminist analyses of care provide a theoretical framework for the study, which also explores the ways in which caring relationships, integral to the production of physical and emotional securities, are shaped by gender, generation, ethnicity and class.

The project aims to contribute to more nuanced understandings of:

  1. local experiences of and responses to neoliberal reforms and reconfigurations of welfare and care;
  2. the complex and multi-layered nature of the Russian state;
  3. the agency of state and non-state actors in defining need, providing care and producing social security in a rural Russian context.

As well as contributing to academic debate, the project aims to generate practical insight into ways to improve access to locally appropriate forms of care and support.

Two 4-week periods of ethnographic fieldwork have been conducted in Burla village, Altai krai in April 2009 and January-February 2010.


Professor Rebecca Kay


January 2009 - June 2010


British Academy
Ref 50447/1

Key Findings

Key findings from the project show the importance of ‘emotional’, as well as material forms of security, but also query idealistic understandings of ‘care’ and ‘community’, showing how uneven access to power and resource, locally inflected understandings of ‘deservingness’ as well as class, gender, age and ethnicity can produce inequalities and forms of exclusion, as well as offering opportunities for inclusion and mutual support.


The following presentation were made to a number of international conferences and workshops. Please note these documents represent as yet unpublished work in progress, and they should not be cited without prior permission from the author

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