Taught Postgraduate Enrolment 2019-20

The general information below applies to all new and continuing students enrolling on a taught postgraduate programme based in the School of Social and Political Sciences.

All students are required to complete enrolment using self-service. In order to proceed to enrolment you will first need to complete the Academic Registration process using MyCampus. For full details on how to access MyCampus for registration, please see our registration guidance

Students should select courses for the full academic year at the start of the session. It is possible to add/drop courses using MyCampus - you can find instructions on how to do this in our enrolment guidance

Early enrolment may be helpful as places in classes are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis. On many programmes, however, we encourage students to wait until induction before making choices so you have a chance to discuss options with staff. Some programmes offer different specialist routes within them, with students choosing between these later in the first semester. In these cases, you cannot choose some of your courses at this time.

Where students from different programmes take the same class, priority will be given to students for whom the class is a core requirement rather than an option. In addition, optional courses will be offered only if there is sufficient demand. The School reserves the right to withdraw courses with fewer than ten students.

We cannot identify problems of over- or under-subscribed courses until all students have made their choices. It is therefore possible (but unlikely) that you will be asked to change one or more option choices. Where this is necessary, we will try to notify you as early as possible.

Some courses are not offered every year. You may find there are courses listed as options in your syllabus which are not available this year.

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