What our students say

What our students say

Thinking of studying for a postgraduate degree in our School? Have a read at what some of our former PGT students had to say about their experiences here. 

Anthony Tjahyono, MSc International Real Estate & Management

Photo of Anthony TjahyonoWhy did you decide to study at the University of Glasgow? 

Firstly, the University of Glasgow offered a postgraduate programme that I really wanted to do, International Real Estate & Management. There are not many universities in the world which offer a Real Estate degree. Secondly, the University is a member of the Russell Group, which shows that it's a world-leading university. Thirdly, because of the campus which is surrounded by amazing museums, galleries, buildings and a park with Victorian style architecture. 

What made you choose your programme of study? 

I  choose my programme because real estate is one of the most important things in the developing countries. I live in a developing country which has a lot of problems arising from 'real estate'. For example, we have problems on providing housing for an excessive population, problems on the shortage of office space, problems on the environment coming from property development, and many more. I thought I would try and learn as much as I could and bring that knowledge back to my country.

What did you like most about your programme? 

It surprised me at first because the classes are more discussion-based than where I am from. For me, it was a really good experience because we can learn about a lot of the problems from students who come from many different countries, and potential solutions to those problems. Also, this meant my English improved every day. The lecturers are well connected to the students and they do not hesitate to answer any questions even outside of study/work time. That was the thing I liked the most because in my country, the lecturers prefer to limit the relationship between themselves and students, and rarely answer questions from students.

What are you doing now and how did your time at Glasgow help prepare you for your career?

Nowadays, I work with my family to run a small-medium sized property development company in my city. We just started it when I returned from Glasgow. Learning from the best university like the University of Glasgow, helped me a lot in my career. If I did not take my Msc at the University of Glasgow, my family and I would never have started a property business.

How did you enjoy living in Glasgow and what would you recommend to other international students?

Glasgow is one of the UK’s largest cities and home to several museums, galleries and football clubs. Personally, I love being in Glasgow compared to London. Glasgow has its own beauty (Buchanan Street to be specific), and the best thing is the people. The people in Glasgow are very kind and friendly. It was a beautiful time in my live being in Glasgow for 1.5 years. My only recommendation to other international students, specifically who come from Indonesia (or South East Asia) is to prepare well because it’s going to be really cold in Glasgow. We never have winter in our country, so make sure you bring a good jacket or coat before you start your journey at the University of Glasgow.

Erik Kruse, MSc International Relations

Having studied Politics at Glasgow for my undergrad degree I already knew the quality of the department and university overall making it an obvious choice for me to continue my studies there. I love the city as well for all the bars, music and food scenes and the possibility of being able to spend more time there was a big part of my consideration to go back. The programme itself offered a very wide variety of courses allowing me to go in depth into areas of study I hadn’t necessarily considered before.

The study trip to Brussels was a definite highlight and has led directly to me embarking on an internship there for a branch of the Scottish Government. I continue to recommend the University of Glasgow to people. To get such a good university in such a fun place to live is all you can ask for.