Teaching team

An experienced team with international expertise, led by Programme Directors (Dr Allison Orr and Dr James White), teach the Real Estate, Planning and Regeneration (REPR) MSc Programmes.

Full-time members of the academic staff in Urban Studies are expected to contribute to the programme in 2017/18 include:


David Adams Ian Mactaggart Chair of Property & Urban Studies
Nick Bailey Professor in Urban Studies
Kenneth Gibb Professor in Housing Economis
Annette Hastings Professor in Urban Studies/Head of Subject
Andrew Hoolachan Lecturer in Planning
Jinhun Hong Lecturer in Transport Planning
Amini Kamete Senior Lecturer in Transport Planning/Director of the Public Policy MSc Programmes
Keith Kintrea Professor in Urban Studies
Rebecca Madgin Senior Lecturer in Urban Development & Management
David McArthur Lecturer/Director of the Transport MSc Programmes
Julie Miao Lecturer in Planning & Development
Moira Munro Professor in Public Policy
Allison Orr Senior Lecturer in Real Estate/Director of the Real Estate MSc Programmes
Tunbosun Oyedokun Lecturer in Real Estate
Ya Ping Wang Professor in Global Cities
James White Lecturer in Urban Design/Director of the Planning MSc Programmes
Jing Yao Lecturer in Urban Big Data & Quantative Methods

Also teaching on the REPR programmes are members of the School of Law and Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow and the Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde as well as other full-time and part-time academic staff in Urban Studies. In addition an extensive number of who contribute to the programme.