Teaching & learning

Teaching & learning

An important feature of the REPR MSc programmes is its emphasis on active and varied approaches to learning, which we deliberately use to help students link systematic academic thought and cutting edge research to professional practice and experience.

We start with a 3 days Induction Course in September. These three days provide initial understanding of some key issues in real estate, planning and regeneration through a programme of events that include visiting speakers and a practical exercise. The course also serves to introduce students to the University, School and the REPR MSc Programmes.

Courses are concentrated mainly into two fulls days each week with part time students expected to attend approximately one day a week through the academic session although there are a couple of weeks where workshops and workshops run on a third day.  Each individual course is then taught in 3 hours blocks over 5 to 9 weeks depending on the course credits.   A 10 credit courses usually contains 15 to 18 contact hours and supported with material via reading packs and our virtual learning environment.  A 20 credits usually contains 27 to 30 contact hours and supplied with support materials. 

When students complete registration before the start of the academic session, a timetable of the courses they enrol on will be automatically generated by MyCampus.   

Before each course begins, each student receives a study pack (in most cases, electronically) enabling them to undertake essential preparatory reading and exercises. This means that while formal lectures have an important role in covering core material, they are certainly not the sole or even the main form of teaching within the 1/2 day blocks. Indeed, practical exercises, visiting speakers, seminar discussions, workshops, and field visits all play a crucial role in the delivery of the programmes, reflecting the strong emphasis towards active and varied approaches to learning.

Students are normally expected to submit their course assessments at a predetermined date which is usually at the end of the course teaching period.