Dalglish Visiting Fellow 2011

Dalglish Visiting Fellow 2011

Issued: Thu, 05 May 2011 09:52:00 BST

We are pleased to welcome Albina Garifzyanova from the Region Research Centre, Ul'yanovsk State University, as Central & East European Studies Dalglish Visiting Fellow 2011, from 5 May to 29 May.

Albina writes:

"The internship at the University of Glasgow is a great chance for me to widen my knowledge in the field of Sociology and develop my research skills, sharing knowledge with my colleagues at Glasgow. 

This opportunity will assist me to improve my qualifications and career prospects as well as improve my English language skills, which is essential to my progression as a scientist and researcher. I have no doubt that the University of Glasgow is the best possible place for me to gain the experience and skills to advance my career prospects.

My research interests are xenophobic and nationalist sentiments among youth, everyday cultural practices of young people, youth subcultural solidarities and the role of the researcher in ethnography. My current research theme is 'Healthy lifestyle and the influence of medicalization processes on understanding the youth question'."

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