Toilets and Embodied Material Culture

Toilets and Embodied Material Culture

Issued: Thu, 03 Mar 2011 09:47:00 GMT

In an interview with Simon Dawes, editor of the Theory Culture & Society website, Dr Lucy Pickering discusses her article ‘Toilets, Bodies, Selves: Enacting Composting as Counterculture in Hawai’i’ in the current issue of Body & Society (16.4).

She explains her interest in urination, defecation and toilets, the ideas of ‘embodied material culture’ and ‘matter (and relations) out of place’, and the possibility of a corporeal critique of the state.

Lucy Pickering is a medical anthropology lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Her current research focuses on embodiment and identity among hippies and ‘drop-outs’ in Hawai’i, and everyday drug use and recovery in Hawai’i and the UK.

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