CEES hosts Glasgow participation in world-wide Estonian song festival

CEES hosts Glasgow participation in world-wide Estonian song festival

Issued: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 14:30:00 BST

The University of Glasgow was among more than 100 groups participating in the first Estonian online song festival: Ühtelaulmine 2010. Over 30 singers gathered in the CEES offices to take part in the online event. Student Marten Krijgsman shares his impressions of the evening: 

"Having tens of thousands of people sing at the same time doesn't seem like too much of a problem, but coordinating it across the world is a whole new level of impressive. Estonian TV producer Artur Talvik managed to unite the Estonian diaspora to participate in the world’s first cyberspace song festival, marking the 19th anniversary of the country's re-independence.  

While massive song festivals aren't unheard of in Estonia – the country is famous for its choral tradition and its five-yearly Laulupidu – never before had anything like this been organized over the Internet. With over 100 choirs across the country and countless groups of Estonians abroad participating, everyone joined in to sing in an hour-long marathon of songs, opened by president Ilves himself. Of course Scotland's Estonians sang too – under the enthusiastic guidance of Glasgow University lecturer Lea Kreinin from Central and East European Studies – with people from Glasgow, Hamilton, Perth and Edinburgh making the journey to Glasgow to experience this unique event that once again reinforced Estonia’s reputation as a small but innovative and creative country."

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